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Checklist of the ten basic things to add in a college survival kit


What is the best gift to give a freshman or someone heading off to college or university? A bag full of all the essential things to survive in the tiny dorm at university. Either it's your friend, niece/nephew or your child, a well-thought-out survival kit is just enough to make sure they are fully prepared for the challenges ahead! 


Running low on ideas?

Cheap essay writing service US gathered a list of essentials to include in the college survival kit. If you’re confused about what to pack for college, make sure to check out the following list so that you don't miss out any essentials.



  • Toiletry bag


A fully equipped toiletry bag is enough to keep incoming freshmen cleaned off and polished. Essential things to include in the bag: Toothbrush, Shampoo, and all the hygiene products - soaps, shampoo, hand creams, sanitizers, Razors and nail clippers. Don't forget to add deodorant as a courtesy to make the environment around you breathable! 



  • First aid bag


Another essential addition in the college survival kit, is the medicine bag! Having a medicine bag with all the emergency supplies like pills, cough syrup, throat pastilles, aspirin and flu medicines, is perhaps the best thing to give to a freshman. Don't forget to add anti-hangover medicines. 



  • Quick snacks


How can you expect to survive without snacks? Quick snacks are just enough to satisfy all the midnight cravings. Add packets of ramen noodles, microwave popcorn, crisps, crackers, cookies and some wine



  • Basic tool set


Normally, maintenance services are available in dorm rooms. However, if you want to decorate your room with fairy lights or with frames, then a toolset will be useful for minor setups that don't require any external help. Or during exams, if the lamp bulb breaks off in the middle of the night, so you should have a spare bulb in hand to replace it.



  • Earplugs


This is probably the most essential thing to add up in a survival kit. Earplugs allow you to survive when your roommate decides to put on a jam session in the middle of the night or during study hours.



  • Power strips


Probably the most common problem in student’s dorm rooms is the insufficient supply of power plugs for electronic devices. A power strip will provide you an extra power hub to charge your devices without being at your roommate’s throat.


  • A good set of stationary


College survival kit is incomplete without a good set of stationery. Pack up all the stationary supplies of pencils, color pens, scissors, paper clips, staplers and all the things you deemed as necessary.



  • A kettle


Last but not the least, a valuable addition to the college survival kit is an electric kettle. Whether you want to boil water, make a cup of coffee, or ramen noodles, an electrical kettle will make things a whole lot easier without you blowing up the whole dorm room!

Do you have anything else to add up in the list? Let us know in the comment box. Happy shopping!